How do Guys Flirt Using Body Language ?

By Angel | August 11, 2008 3:56 am |

Body language is clearly used by everybody in their day to day communication. Men and women flirt with each other and also show their frustrations using body language when words are kept controlled. Even singers sing about body language and how truthful it is as an indicator of what people feel.

Roisin Murphy is an Irish electronica singer, songwriter and producer. She was a member of the band Moloko with her boyfriend Mark Byden but ended their relationship later. In 2007, the beautiful and talented Roisin Murphy release a song titled Body Language from the album Overpowered under the Electro Pop genre. Roisin Murphy Body Language sings of ‘If you hear what your body says, learn body language’. People can easily lie using words, but body language comes openly from feelings. People who are attracted to a person are usually sensitive towards the person’s body language. They can sense whether the person is feeling the same way or not. Some people call this chemistry. Body language best express love, you can dwell on it, but it’s impossible to resist love if your body language is showing otherwise. Thus, interpreting body language is a useful skill to learn.

Many people thought male do not flirt, but those people are so wrong. Male, like female, flirts all the time. Flirting is a positive start of communication to see whether the person is responsive or not and whether the relationship can go further than in is. You’ve got his attention if he raises his eye brows to no one but you. Confident men sometimes are shy around women they like. They can be talkative to everyone but quiet in the presence of someone they fancy. Guys have to keep their ego and emotion, so they send only subtle signals for ladies to catch. Male body language while flirting is important as the reaction of ladies will make them decide on the next move.

Interpreting body language is not so difficult if you focus hard and allow your own natural body language to response. Male body language while flirting is usually a signal of 3 or more subsequent gestures targeted at the same person. Body language is difficult to hide. Attraction to another person will make them want to be close to the other person and trying to make physical contacts. Men can’t take their eyes off the lady of their choice. When the ladies do return the look, a smile will appear on his face. This is a sure sign of interest. A flirty man might also send his roving eyes on his target with a naughty smile and put his thumb in his pocket to let him fingers point to his genitals. This kind of direct invitation is easily understood by most ladies. There are many more flirting body gestures used by males in general. A few examples are putting hands on hips for an impression of someone strong, lending his coat or jacket, touching his face while talking to you, and stroking his tie.

If you still can not interpret the body language of a man trying to flirt with you, then look for weird behaviour while he is around you. See if he leans towards you for unnecessary whispers. Male body language never lies.

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Body language is definitely important - more important than most people think actually.
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