How do You Flirt with Body Language and Let Someone Know you’re Interested?

By Angel | August 11, 2008 8:55 pm |

Body language is something used by everybody unconsciously. As much as 50% of our communication is transmitted through body language. It is the first communication you use as a child. People who grew up mute had to rely on body language for expressions. Human never escape from using body language as signs of attraction. Many universal signs are available and people do understand them unconsciously. Movies and advertisement uses body language to portray emotions and attract viewers. Men and women alike are cultured in the use of body language to search for mates. The rule of four is applied in interpreting interest in another person if sets of four gestures are directed towards the person.

Communication involves people and a two way response. Body language is an effective communication when coupled with verbal communication. Many things can’t be expressed with words and feelings are especially difficult to explain. Body language in communication between friends, colleagues and love interest are shown as different gestures. With the person you like, you will not mind being in close contact but with colleagues, you have to be careful of your body language. Posture, eye contact, facial expression, head and body movement are all body language portraying something to other observers. In work, your body language will show people your confidence level, your motivation, your approachability and how reliable you are. People interpret body language differently and some people with certain disabilities will also have different body language. Misinterpretation of body language in communication can happen if the person transmitting and the person receiving are from different cultural background.

A simple use of body language is in determination of approachability. Everyone has their personal space which nobody other those they like can cross. Folding of arms across their chest is a sign of putting up an invisible barrier as protection. It can be a habit but it definitely has a meaning. Intimate space is guarded passionately. Have you seen people moving further when speaking to hostile people and moving closer when speaking to lovers? This basic body language is a useful sign to look out for acceptance from others. If you are attracted to a person, you will allow that person to enter your personal space.

If you are interested in someone and unsure of the person’s feeling, the best way to find out is by using your body language. You must know how to read body language in order to interpret the person’s reaction. Be openly blatant with your flirt by trying to be as close as possible with the person of your choice, make direct eye contract, draw attention to you face by touching your hair and skin on your neck, lean towards the person to whisper, and make small physical contacts. If the person copies you, it is a sure sign of interest.

Flirting body language if used professionally will bring you more than just a playful flirt. Your body language is sometimes so strong it can act as a sexual magnet to your partner. Many people can deny using words but their body language can never be hidden. Men especially will show signs of arousal through their body language. Never dismiss body language in communication with people you are interested in. Seeing how body language between couples evolves through time is like reading a story. When your partner gets comfortable with you or gets uninterested in you, you can look out for clues through their body language.

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Body language is definitely important - more important than most people think actually.
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